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Creative Power: The Art and Activism of Ruth Tunstall Grant
Jan Rindfleisch with Barbara Goldstein, with essay by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins. Contributors: Hon. LaDoris Hazzard Cordell (ret.), Joyce McEwen Crawford, Marita Dingus, Marianne Pritchett. Edited by Nancy Hom and Ann Sherman. 60 pages. Color. ISBN: 978-0-9983084-2-5.

The latest book from Ginger Press, Creative Power: The Art and Activism of Ruth Tunstall Grant presents the art and creative accomplishments of a remarkable artist and activist who impressively navigated the constantly evolving San Francisco Bay Area cultural scene. Ruth Tunstall Grant (1945–2017) was a warrior for children’s rights and social justice in and beyond Santa Clara County. Her unselfish service and untiring advocacy for the arts and youth established many innovative, ongoing arts programs and inspired many creative activists.

Contributions from her collaborators, both within and beyond the art scene, document Tunstall Grant’s influence. Jan Rindfleisch provides an overview of her community activism. Independent curator and writer Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins traces the artist’s development. She is the founding curator of art at the California African American Art Museum in Los Angeles and the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.

Full-color reproductions witness the evolution of Tunstall Grant’s artistic vision and style, showcasing her unceasing curiosity and exploration of contemporary content and new media.


Earlier Publication
Jan Rindfleisch book cover
Roots and Offshoots: Silicon Valley’s Arts Community
Jan Rindfleisch, with articles by Maribel Alvarez and Raj Jayadev, edited by Nancy Hom and Ann Sherman. 184 pages. Color. ISBN: 978-0-9983084-0-1

Silicon Valley’s innovative arts collaborations and organizational structures—offshoots, spin-offs, and startups—were founded by unsung heroes who resisted the establishment. Roots and Offshoots: Silicon Valley’s Arts Community explores that ignored history, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the development of arts and culture in the South Bay Area. Tracing connections between the influential work of historical figures like the ancestral Ohlone, Juana Briones, Marjorie Eaton, and their modern-day equivalents, Roots and Offshoots’ profiles of passionate individuals, creative partnerships, and maverick arts institutions offer insights into the art of community building.